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should have around 17 per package, but never more than 20, and so on. So a 1 1/2 pound bag of 31-35's should have around 50 shrimp, but never more than 52-53 shrimp. Hey... next time... count the shrimp, folks. And, has anyone noticed the liberty being taken with eggs. The sizes are as different as you can imagine from store to store and egg company to egg company. In my opinion... what used to be a medium egg is now being touted as a large... the large now as an extra-large, and so on. How about the Deli section. It was one thing to sell Boar's Head products at the steep prices... but, then the supermarkets started to put out their own (so called) special brands at similarly steep prices. Like those products were similarly special. Quite frankly, I don't think the Boar's Head products are worth the exorbident prices they ask for. But, hey... that's me. Ya know... the supermarkets would have us believe that the smaller packaging, etc... has been created to save us money. T


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