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Look at the packages of cheeses. All the cheeses... the sliced sandwich cheeses, the various grated cheddar and mozarella cheeses. They're all kinds of weights, now. Packages that look kinda like 16 ounces, are 15 or 14 or 12 ounces. The sliced American cheeses come in pound-like packages that are only 12 ounces, and so on. And again.... the prices for these smaller, substitute packagers is at the samelevel as their bigger predecessors. Bags of shrimp usually came in 2 pound bags... now they come in similar-looking bags that are actually only a pound and a half (they haven't shrunk the size of the bags in faithful scale to the contents). And, I can tell you this, the count on shrimp is being abused, fairly regularly. If you purchase 31-35's, you're supposed to get anywhere from 31 to 35 shrimp per pound. If it is a really fair count, you should probably have about 33 shrimp. Never... I repeat... Never more than 35 shrimp. It's the same with all the size levels. 15-20's s


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