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Beautiful day at Fort Myers Beach

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3430 days ago.
by OnTheBeach

Posts: 0 - What a beautiful day on the Fort Myers Beach... the sun is shining brightly, the water is as blue as ever & there was no traffic!!!! AHHH it feels great to be on the beach!!

We all new Great Fashison & Esteem, Haircuts 1 year anniversary

Posts: 0 - @ our new location in the "Kelly Crossing Plaza" Suite #7 Look for the Smiley Rasta Girl on the building in YELLOW!!!!!!!!!!!!Haircuts for the Family 2kids 10.

2010 Summer Bike Fest

Posts: 0 - On Saturday, August 7th at Noon, Nervous Nelly's on Fort Myers Beach (1131 First Street in the Bay Walk District) will host a 2010 Summer Bike Fest Promo Tour.


Posts: 0 - Our friend Popeye is hosting the 10th annual Memorial BBQ May 31 at 151 Eucalyptus Ct. (one block south of HammerHead Gym and Junkanoo).