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2013 Season Concerns

Posts: 0 - I am hoping the 2013 season will be smoother than last season with the crosswalk issue. As I drive down Estero the crosswalk signs are inconsistent & need to be fixe.

3269 days ago.
by FGCUContinuingEducation
Managing Difficult Employees

Posts: 0 - FGCU WEBINAR: Managing Difficult Employees August 4, 2011 - Thursday, 10 AM - 11AM In this highly informative webinar, you will be able to identify common behaviors of difficult employee.

Family hair cuts & servicesUnisex european hair in the Kelly Crossings Plaza

Posts: 0 - We are celebrating our 3rd year in our new location June 1,2011 in the Kelly Crossing Plaza suite #7 next to Body contours and the Metro P.c. We have been serving SW Florida 9 years and countin.


Posts: 0 - We are offering a beautiful Package for you sp[ecial Day****e see about your up coming Wedding mention this ad rec' 25% off your wedding parties Bill .

FMB Local Elections

Posts: 0 - I do not think that I am the only one that is personally offended about the political advertisements Mr Schindler has posted everwhere in his weak attempt to get us, the beach voters, to vote for...

Fourth of July!

Posts: 0 - What a great day between rain drops! Great Parade! Great Fireworks! Love this little island!!!

Mothers Day!

Posts: 0 - I just want to say Happy Mothers day to all of the Mothers on Fort Myers Beach!!! I hope every ONE of you have a great day!! May it be peaceful and full of happiness!

3719 days ago.
by LvBeach2
Don and Bettie

Posts: 0 -

Computer woes

Posts: 0 - Do you ever wonder why you are typing along, and all of a sudden, your screen disappears and you get some stupid message about how your internet connection has been discontinued, and would you like...

3740 days ago.
by Colleen
Snowbird Club?

Posts: 0 - We spend,Jan.&Feb. in Panama City Beach, FL. There they have a snowbird club.One can almost do any craft imaginable. They have dinners, lunches, and dances. You can play cards, etc.

3740 days ago.
by Colleen
Welcome to 2010

Posts: 0 - Welcome to 2010. What do you think will be the top issues facing the Beach in the year ahead?

3741 days ago.
by vharring
Top story of 2009

Posts: 0 - What do you think was the biggest story on the Beach in 2009?

Did you weather Hurricane Charley?

Posts: 0 - Where were you Aug. 13, 2004? Share your Fort Myers Beach story here.


Posts: 0 - Brenda's Karaoke is the best in Florida. Private parties, weddings, clubs. Voted entertainer of the year 7 years in a row at FMB. visit ****brendaskaraoke**** for club dates.