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PET PALS: Find A Home Give A Home Pet Rescue

June 23, 2020
Fort Myers Beach Bulletin, Fort Myers Beach Observer

Helping shelter dogs is the most rewarding! They were all puppies who for one reason or another didn't get to the right home or lost their parent. Rescuing and saving a life is fantastic for you and for the pet. I have 3 rescue dogs at home and I am amazed of the different personality they have. How everyone of them is different in appearance but how affectionate, funny, silly they can be. Do they drive me nuts sometimes? Of course, especially the big one Sunny who can't wait to go to the dog park and run the fence with his friends. It is so simple for them. Food, Love and play is the most important. Like 2 years old who will never grow up. They keep you young and active.

We still have masks

If you are looking at going out in style please consider helping the Rescue and get a couple of masks. They are all hand made, and have great patterns. We can send you pictures if you are interested. We have paw prints, dogs and many other designs.

Article Photos

Lizzie is 2 years old and loves playing. She is a medium size girl and if you would like more information on Lizzie call 239-281-0739.


Suggested donation is $10

It is Mango time!

We have the chance to have a many mangos this year on our tree. Wendy who is a resident on the beach and a chef made preserves for us. Delicious mango jam and chutney. It is only once a year so if you never tried it, you should!! Call 239-281-0739 Suggested donation is $8. Makes a great gift!

Cat Corner

Over the years we have had many cats and I could not have a home without at least one. They are so independent, they have their own mind and will come to see you or not when they feel like it. We have cuties. Remember when adopting a cat age is very important. Adopt a middle age cat when you are over 60 years old. Cats live on average of 14 years old. Could be more. Have a back up plan. If something happens to you make sure you know who will take care of your friend. Put money aside for this care in your will. It is very important. We have seen many cats going to shelters after their parents either passed away or went to a nursing home. It is not fair to your friend. Of course it is the same dogs. Having a kitten is hard when he doesn't have anyone to play. We do ask that our kitten go to a home with other pets or in pairs. Adding a cat to your home later on is very difficult and sometimes doesn't work.

The best moment of the day is when the little ones get around one bowl of kitty food and devour it. It is so cute to see them gulp every little bit of it. Then comes the self clean and of course a nice nap. They are in a cat room with lots of toys and a couple of cat tree. Come and visit them and adopt a beach cat. Call Joann 239-851-3485.



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