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Captain Dave’s Fishing Tips

May 20, 2020
Capt. Dave Hanson , Fort Myers Beach Bulletin, Fort Myers Beach Observer

Fishing Tip #1: Fish in heavily fished areas tend to be leery because they have been spooked too often. Fishing pressure can compromise your success in a big way. So, stay off the beaten trail-with summer's high-tides, it is easy to explore the far reaches of salt creeks and tide marshes. These areas have not been over-fished because the low winter tides prevented most boats from fishing them. They are likely to be productive because they have had little or no pressure for months. Lipless crank baits or soft plastics, along with a few live offerings, should do well. Look for wakes as fish move through the shallows. Cast ahead of and across the path of the fish to avoid spooking them. If fishing for redfish, wait for them to eat the bait so as not to jerk it out before it is in their mouths sufficiently. And remember, reds must be released, as there is a current moratorium on harvesting them.

Fishing Tip #2: Most crank-baits and swimming-lures will run straight. But, sometimes, they tend to run off to one side or the other. This happens mostly when the attaching eye is in line with the lure. If this happens, use a pair of needle-nose pliers to bend the eye slightly in the opposite direction: This will usually correct the problem. Adding a split-ring and snap-swivel (with the snap portion facing the rear) also helps.

Article Photos

Angler Mike Connealy with a 19-inch red grouper, caught on squid and released 20 miles west of New Pass on a recent offshore Fishbuster Charter.




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